Sunday, January 28, 2007

Is Jesus Enough?

Lindsey (and whoever else may be reading this) I want you to know that I think that upper room message you posted about a few posts ago may have changed my life. So first I just wanted to say thank you...thank you for being willing to share with us out here in the internet world and being open to God's leading so that He could use you to shine His light.

I know many of you have probably not heard the message but the main jist of it was "Is Jesus enough?" And for the past year and a half or so He hasn't been...I have been stuck...alone...depressed...wandering...whatever word you want to put on it and one of the many things that has suffered as a result is my marriage. Anyway, I realized tonight that I've had it all wrong these past months of my life...I had it all wrong going into my marriage...I had it wrong about relationships in general. Because you see when Jesus is enough we are not seeking anything from anyone else....which translates to me...its not about what someone else can or cannot offer me....its about connecting with Jesus and then looking at what I can offer someone else. This may not make sense to you guys, but it has completely flipped my whole understanding of marriage...because while yes I want to be married to someone who "loves" me (I put that in quotations because so often love is translated SO completely differently by spouses and doesn't get translated as love to do we ever really feel like we are truly loved by our spouse?) I see now that I have been completely selfish...and the only place that leads me is to feel constantly "thirsty" or seeking reassurance that my husband loves me....yes completely needy and neurotic...which only leads to dissappointment and fights...its not about him loving me and "completing me" or being my other half...its about me being complete and connected in Christ and then offering all I have to prayer is that I continue on that road


Blogger Lindsey said...

I love you friend...
Oh this journey is long. I was so confident last week of my renewed assurance that Jesus was enough and I have lapsed yet again into longing for relationships and activities to fill my loneliness. But friend...I think the beauty of our God is that regardless of what I choose along the way, how I perceive the world around me, and where I seek comfort...He promises to never let me go, never forsake me, never ignore me, never abandon me, never disinherit me, never blow me off, never choose someone else. I rewrote Romans 8 for BSF a couple of weeks ago (the part about neither heights nor depths) and it was a pretty profound experience for me. Neither loneliness nor relationship, money nor poverty, success nor failure, plans or no plans, marriage nor singleness can separate me from the love of Jesus my Lord. It was helpful for me to name my fears...the things I long for..ache for sometimes...because when I compare them to the vastness of God and His mercy, my fears are dwarfed.

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Blogger Emily and Ethan said...


It's Emily your cousin.
I love what you wrote, It is so true that we need to have our life centered on christ and then everything else will be better. I heard that you are pregnant! I had no idea. You should visit my blog I would love to catch up.

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